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Auntie Li Li


Auntie Li Li

All my task lists have been a breeze!

Most of my working life I have gone from manual accounting to accounting software. I was introduced to Sage One recently. I found a few things that actually will help me do my work better and faster, then I don’t have to spend time on OT and more time with my children.

Bank Reconciliation Tool

We have a few company bank accounts. I am in charge of reconciliation against our monthly bank statements.

The Reconciliation Tool for me is also very useful. The process gave me an overview of all the unreconciled transactions and I can know the amount of the cheques that are not yet in the bank statement. I think it is important for me to do better planning on the company cash flow.


Analysis Code

Our company is made up of departmental units and we also need to analyse our P&L by department and better, by projects. We setup this at Sage One and these analysis codes can be used during Customer/Supplier invoicing and customer Receipts transactions.


Auntie Li Li’s favourite features

Sage One helps this freelancer with the ambition to take manage her customers’ companies easily

  • Deal with customers

    Li Li is able to easily keep track of her clients’ companies account

  • Bank Reconciliation

    Receipts & Cheques reconcile within Sage One

  • Simple accounting

    Sage One saves her precious time she used to spend entering data manually

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