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I started by business 22 years ago and still running it myself till now. Previously, I have been using spreadsheets to do my accounting and I am quite good at it.

I have switched to Sage One and my people have been telling nothing but good words about this.

Mobile Apps

Apart from the obvious looking up on the share market prices or checking my email on my iPhone it is now even better that I can take the important information with me when I see my key customers on my fingertips. I don’t need to get my accountant to print out statements or analyse details, it is all in front of me including the Dashboards of outstanding items and also details of what my customer has recently bought from me.

I look cool, I am updated, it is a great way of bringing my business with me.

Intelligence on the Go!

Speaking from experience, a business plan gets changed over time, even right after the first month. In the beginning I did business just by my gut feel with pieces of paper but today, I need to weigh a lot of factors as things are changing so quickly. Now online visibility gives me better control of my business and the ability to allow me to continuously adjust my business appropriately and also look back at my earlier assumptions in previous decision making. Definitely a must for people in today’s business environment.

There is now absolutely no need to re-key in data into worksheets and doing complex formulas. This tool is so easy to use and allows me to slice and dice the information and look at my sales from so many perspectives it is unbelievable.




Kee’s favourite features

Sage One helps this Entrepreneur to grow his business and pass to his next generation.

  • Simple accounting

    Sage One allows him to concentrate on building his business further.

  • Paperless office

    Kee manages his business on the go using his mobile devices.

  • Help whenever he needs

    He is sure that Customer Service is always there for him.

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