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Where do I export my TAP file?

Users will be able to export a TAP file from the GST Calculation Report. This can be used to assist with the completion of the GST-03 submission.

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Where do I export my GAF?

You are able to export a GAF file from the Tax Returns and Reports screen (this will be used for tax audit purposes).The GAF export is available in both XML and Bar-Delimited format.

Tax Reporting

You will have access to comprehensive tax reporting in Sage One Accounting.

You will need to close off your SST Tax period as your first tax period and then set up your GST Tax periods. This will be explained to you in Part 2.

There will be an specific a GST report called the GST Calculation Report which will be available for GST reporting. This report will assist users in completing their GST-03 submission.

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