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Sage One gives me the flexibility to forecast my budgets more accurately.

People call me KC and I am the Finance and Administration Manager. I have been working for this organization for some time and I have been hired to manage his finances as well as the general operations.

Budget Versions

I have multiple version of the budget to monitor the business from all old and new assumptions so to present new scenarios on what I can forecast soon based on raw material prices or exchange rates, etc. I can easily create new budget sets by copying previous budgets and increase/decrease by percentages, if required.


Security Control & Audit Trail

This is very important. Our data security is very important and as I hire more and more people to handle it, access to my data should be controlled and only specific function and certain information can be done by specific people. We cannot limit information from our people as it helps them grow our business, however at the same time I need to set what is the limit and who can do what.


Recurring Entries

Actually, I do not like to key in the same transactions every month, even though I can make entries really fast, penat juga ku. When Mr. Tan introduce to me this recurring invoice feature, it immediately lifted my burden. You know what? They teach me how to create a batch and recurs according to a schedule I set. I don’t even need to push a button at the next following months and the transactions are created.


Time Tracking

One of my tasks at office is to track the billing for our Consultants for their time they have worked at our customers’ site. I normally will link this time billing to the respective projects.

Time     Time1


KC’s favourite features

Sage One Accounting keeps him on the go

  • Business insight

    KC can keep track of his finances in different locations.

  • Help whenever he needs

    He has a caring Sage One helpline to talk to him through issues.

  • Deal with customers

    KC takes orders from other parts of the country, wherever he is.

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