Simple and secure online accounting

Sage One puts you in control of your business and allows you to stay on top of your finances.

Get your numbers right

Easy to understand and worry free, Sage One is intuitively designed to keep you on track and prevent errors. It gives you access to your online accounts from anywhere, anytime.

Sage One Online Accounting

  • Easy Invoicing

    Whether you are buying from your suppliers or selling to your customers, with Sage One your accounting could not be easier. With our mobile apps you can invoice and quote on the go.

  • Customer Zone

    Give your customers access to a professional side of your business by enabling your Customer Zone. Your customers will be able to view their invoices online, accept quotes and keep track of their statements!

  • Malaysia GST Compliance

    Simple steps to handle changeover to GST. No fuss. You will get to issue your first Tax Invoice and receive your payment in no time.

All the features you need and none that you don’t.

Sage One Accounting - Inventory

Breeze through your admin tasks

Take care of daily tasks like quotes, invoicing and inventory management without interrupting your day.

Sage One Accounting - Invoicing

Nail your numbers

With online accounting and invoicing this simple, getting it done right is easy.

Sage One Accounting - Business

Run your company like a pro

Impress the people you do business with—from new clients to accountants.

Sage One Accounting - Accountants

Collaborate with your accountant

Make life easier for your accountant and reduce the time you spend on tax preparation.

Sage One Accounting - Mobile

Run your business, anywhere

The flexibility to manage your invoices and expenses on the move.

Sage One Accounting - Collaborate

Simple, Quick & Easy

Simpler than a spreadsheet and easier to understand than complex accounting software.

What our customers are saying

Sage has been in business for over 30 years, and has helped over 6 million businesses worldwide, so you can depend on us to be here when you need us.

Sales Manager

Yo! Money makes the world go round and selling is my game. I have to be on the road all the time to get the business in. Business is tougher these days as competition is everywhere, therefore I need all the tools that can help me achieve my sales quotas and then sing money, money, money!

Lee’s story …


Hello! I started by business 22 years ago and still running it with my Business Partner till now. Previously, I have been using spreadsheets to do my accounting and I am quite good at it. I have switched to Sage One and my people have been telling nothing but good words about this.

Reuben’s story …

Finance & Administrative Manager

I have been working for this organization for some time and I have been hired to manage their finances as well as the general operations.

KC’s story …

Auntie Li Li
Freelance / Mother

Most of my working life I have gone from manual accounting to accounting software. I was introduced to Sage One recently. I found a few things that actually will help me do my work better and faster, then I don’t have to spend time on OT and more time with my children.

Li Li’s story …

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  • Sage One Accounting Customer - Reuben - Entrepreneur
  • Sage One Accounting Customer - KC - Finance
  • Sage One Accounting Customer - Auntie Li Li - Freelancer

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